Radio Production

These works highlight my experience as a recording engineer for radio. I was the main recording and mixing engineer for all (except for A Columbine Diary, for which I did the mix only).



Uncompressed .aiff (large files, long load time)

MP3 (256 kbps stereo) (smaller files, quicker load time)
1993: TR-i: Todd Rundgren Interactive. Leslie Gaston reports on Todd Rundgren's album that was release in the "CD-i" format. TR-i (aiff) TR-i (mp3)
2000: A Columbine Diary. This story was told by a student a Columbine High School, who recounts her experience during the tragic events of the shootings in 1999. This production of her story won the 2000 Edward R. Murrow award for Large Market Documentary. A Columbine Diary (aiff) A Columbine Diary (mp3)
Oil Pits: This story uses the medium of radio to take the listener from the ground into the air for a look at the problems posed by oil pits. Oil Pits (aiff) Oil pits (mp3)
1994: National Geographic Expeditions: Water. This piece uses sound effects to illustrate a metaphor comparing a glass of water to the earth's water supply. Water (aiff) Water (mp3)
1998: Colorado Symphony on NPR's Performance Today: "Little Russian Symphony". I was the recording and production engineer for this performance. Little Russian (aiff) Little Russian (mp3)
Richard Stoltzman on NPR's Performance Today. I was the engineer for this performance in NPR's Studio 4A. Stoltzman (aiff) Stoltzman (mp3)