Music Recording

These works highlight my experience as a recording engineer for music. I was the recording and mix engineer for all songs listed here.


Uncompressed .aiff (large files, long load time)

MP3 (256 kbps stereo) (smaller files, quicker load time)
2004: Jockomo, "Dreams Come True" Dreams Come True (aiff) Dreams Come True (mp3)
2002: Ezmeralda, "Amateur" (album: "Half Gramme Holiday") Amateur (aiff) Amateur (mp3)
2000: Greenhaus, "Divine Love" (album: Bitter Suite) Divine Love (aiff) Divine Love (mp3)
c. 1989: Mojo Hand, "Just a Little Word" (part of my IU music portfolio) Just a Little Word (aiff) Just a Little Word (mp3)
c. 1989: Chiba Dowa, "Smother Party" (part of my IU music portfolio) Smother Party (aiff) Smother Party (mp3)
c. 1988: The Joyce Brothers, "Nose RIng" (part of my IU music portfolio) Nose Ring (aiff) Nose ring (mp3)
c. 1988: IU African American Chorus, "I'm Encouraged" (part of my IU music portfolio) I'm Encouraged (aiff) I'm Encouraged (mp3)